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Inhaberin Diana Teichert
Crellestr. 17
10827 Berlin

Fon: (030) 89622028

Payment Options
I accept these methods of payment:
EU Standard Bank Transfers
Direct Online Bank Transfer for German bank accounts (sofort-überweisung)
* Please note:
No identity theft fraud cases have occured with directpay24.com yet 
(TÜV-certified Online Paymentsystem). However, we want to inform you 
that there might be a number banks and Sparkassen assuming that the 
use of this service may lead to a shift of liability for any case of 
identity theft due the use of online banking data. This can mean that 
in case of identity theft or online banking data misuse the bank may 
refuse to pay for damages occured and that you might have to bear the 
costs for these damages. Payment Network AG, the operator of 
directpay24 has therefore closed an insurance which replacing you 
damages according to the conditions as stated under the following 
link.* Thereby you are protected against potential liability risks 
according to the conditions as stated within this insurance policy.

All bank transfers must be made in euros to this account:


IBAN: DE64 1004 0000 0655 2228 00

Account Owner: Diana Teichert

We make every effort to ship your order quickly. Please allow 2-3 days tp process your order and 3-5 days for shipping within Germany, up to two weeks within Europe and up to four weeks for countries outside of Europe. We do not ship on Sundays or holidays. Please doublecheck to make sure your shipping information is correct when you place an order so any possible delays, due to incorrect address information, may be avoided.

Order Total                         
Up to 50,00€: €3,00, uninsured, no tracking number
Over 50€ up to 100€: €4,99, insured, tracking number
Shipping and Handling free on total orders amounting to more than 100,00€ within Germany. 

Order Total                                     
Up to 25,00€ : 4,10€, uninsured, no tracking number
Over 25,00€ up to 50,00€: 8,50€ uninsured, no tracking number
Over 50,00€ up to 99,00€: 10,50€ uninsured, no tracking number
Over €100,00 up to €400,00: 19,00€ insured , tracking number

Switzerland, Europe, non-Eu Members
Order Total                         
Up to 25,00€: 4,00€ uninsured, no tracking number
Over 25,00€ up to 50,00€: 7,50€ uninsured, no tracking number
Over €80,00 up to €100,00: 16,00€ uninsured, no tracking number
Over €100,00 up to € 400,00: 27,00€ insured , tracking number
If your order is  about 30€ or less, including postage, you will not have to pay custom taxes. If your order is more than you may have to pay customs and the amount of the tax raised will depend on the total sum of your order. 

Countries outside of Europe 
Order Total                        
Up to 25,00€: 4,00€ uninsured, no tracking number
Over 25,00€ up to 50,00€: 7,50€ uninsured, no tracking number
Over 50,00€ up to 99,00€: 16,00€ uninsured, no tracking number
Over 99,00€ up to 400,00€: €40,00 insured , tracking number

We ship through the German Post or DHL. If you would like to have your order ship differently or you would like to have it insured please contact us. Duties and value-added taxes may be required for countries outside of Germany and are the responsibility of the customer.

We really try to make sure our fabric photos are as color accurate as possible but monitors do vary ,so there may be differences in color quality from computer to computer.
If you are uncertain about the colorway or quality of a fabric and would like to have a small sample, I will be happy to provide you with up to five fabric swatches monthly free of charge.

Return Policy
Please note if an item has been bought on sale, it is a final sale. Sale merchandise may not be returned.

Once fabric has been cut from the bolt it is not returnable. So please if you have any questions , as to color or quality, request a fabric swatch before ordering and I will send one off as soon as possible. If your fabric has been damaged during shipment, please notify me within 8 days of receipt. I will replace damaged fabric if it is still available, otherwise you will receive a refund plus shipping and handling charges. When returning damaged goods, please include a description of damage, your receipt, your email address, your shipping address and your telephone number. All shipments must be insured for the full value of the contents. The insurance fees will be refunded. Volksfaden is not responsible for uninsured packages.

Product Care
All of our products are 100% cotton and are machine washable in cold water (30° or less) using a mild detergent. We do not recommend drying products in the dryer.
We do recommend, however, that you prewash all fabric before using to avoid problems like colors running or shrinkage on a completed sewing project. This you really should do.

We want you to feel comfortable shopping and ordering from us. Your privacy will be respected and your security is a priority for us. Under no circumstances will we ever sell, distribute or trade customer information.