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About me
My name is Diana, I live with my husband, my daughter and my two cats in Berlin.
I grew up in Lichterfelde, very idyllic and rural at the time, on the outskirts of Berlin.
As a young girl I discovered knitting, sewing and  other crafty activities. Curtains, bed linen and other fabric scraps were  constantly being "upcycled" by me. Nothing was safe from me, my mother could say alot at this point, but we can save that for another time ;-)
Professionally I wanted to do something creative. I completed a vocational training as a hairdresser and beautician, but I quickly realized that this was not right for me. I then worked several years in sales at KaDeWe as a shop assistant, and then I tried my luck at office work.
In 2009 I discovered the online shop Volksfaden and was really inspired by Linda's fabrics. She lived near me, I asked her if I could stop by. We hit right off so well that she offered me a mini job offering in her new store in Schöneberg in 2010. I didn't hesitate, because what could be better than to turn a hobby into a career.
Meanwhile, six years have passed. Volksfaden has become an inherent part of Schöneberg and the work the store is still an incredible joy for me!
Unfortunately, fate often plays with unfair cards and Linda decided for health reasons to step back from Volksfaden. For me this was obviously a shock, I had to digest first.
After careful consideration, sleepless nights and a big dose of courage, I decided  to take over Volksfaden on 01.06.2016. I love this store, our neighborhood, all the great small businesses there, our regular customers and actually everything that has to do with Volksfaden!
Volksfaden MUST stay and I hope that you will continue to visit our store or our online shop, so it can go on.
Of course I will continue to maintain the fabric range exactly as it was. Beautiful printed cotton fabrics, jersey, rib, corduroy, fleece and Nikki fabrics will await you,  as will a small assortment of haberdashery and buttons.

I am look forward to welcoming you to Volksfaden and hope to see you in my shop in the Crelle Street in Schöneberg!